FIlters: kyc

Ducatus (DUC)

Sign up for the website Verify your mail and log in Complete your profile and submit the KYC You will get 1,000 DUC coins after your KYC is verified Join the lock-in program to get an extra 30 DUC coins every month for 34 months (1,020 DUC, optional) For every referral who signs up, completes …

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Bitbns (BNS)

Sign up for the website Verify your mail and log in Go to your profile and complete your KYC You will get 50 BNS tokens


Sign up for the website and verify your email On later stage KYC will be required You will get 10,000 KICK tokens You can get up to 8,300,000 KICK tokens in referrals For more details visit this post


THDax is airdropping up to 30.5 to airdrop participants. Create an account at THDax and complete your KYC verification to receive the rewards. For ever referral users will get 5 USDT tokens. Sign up for THDax exchange You will get 20.5 USDT Complete your KYC verification (+10 USDT) Make your first deposit (+20.5 USDT, optional) …

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Orchid (OXT)

Go to the airdrop page on Coinbase Sign up for Coinbase and complete the KYC Sign-up on the OXT waiting list You will receive an email. Answer questions and watch video You will receive $12 in OXT For every referral you will get $10 in OXT. Up to 4 referrals

MarketPeak (PEAK)

Go to the google airdrop form Sign up for the website Complete the KYC Like Facebook page Like Instagram page Join Telegram group Subscribe to the YouTube You will be dropped with 50 PEAK tokens


Download the PayRue app and sign up (Android/IOS) Complete the KYC (Mandatory) You will be dropped with 5,000 PROPEL tokens For every referral who completes their KYC you will get 1,000 PROPEL tokens. You can find your referral link by clicking on “more” and then on “Inviting friends” from within the app. You can also directly …

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TrustVerse (TRV)

Sign up for the Bithumb Verify your email address Complete your level 2 KYC verification You will be dropped with 30 TRV tokens For every referral you will get 30 TRV tokens, up to 10 referrals For more info visit this post

MargiX (MGX)

Go to the airdrop form Join their Twitter Fill out the airdrop form KYC is required You will be dropped with 400 MGX tokens

Synchrobit (SNB)

Chat with this Telegram bot Join Synchrobit Synchrobit website and pass the KYC Follow Synchrobit on Facebook page and share the pinned post Follow Synchrobit on YouTube Channel Submit your details to the airdrop bot You will receive 80 SNB tokens For every referral you will get 5 SNB tokens