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Download CoinField app for Android or iOS Create an account and complete the KYC Follow them on

Yezcoin (YEZ)

Go to the airdrop page Create Telegram Group and post a screenshot of your Wallet Fill out this airdrop form For additional 200 YEZ tokens complete tasks on the airdrop page (complete KYC, follow them on Facebook and Twitter adn YouTube) For every referral you will get 10 YEZ tokens (up to to 25 referrals). …

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ShapeShift (FOX)

Sign up for the website Complete level 1 KYC 100 FOX tokens will be dropped to your account ShapeShift beta access Go to the website and click on “Reserve Access” You can get various rewards for inviting users For more info go to this Medium post

Utopialand (UTPL)

Chat with this Telegram bot Sign up for the website and complete the KYC (+4 UTPL, mandatory) Join Telegram channel (+4 UTPL, mandatory) Follow them on tweet (+4 UTPL, optional) Subscribe to the

KIN by Lykke

Download Lykke Wallet app or use the web terminal to get registered Have successfully passed the KYC* verification by May 31st, 2019 Deposit or buy 400,000 KIN coins (~20 USD) at Lykke. You have to hold 400,000 KIN in your Lykke wallet by the date of the airdrop Follow Lykke on 

Ozinex (OZI)

Go to the google airdrop form Sign up for the website and complete the KYC (Mandatory, +150 AGVC, + 80 OZI) Join these 2 Telegram groups: group 1, group 2 (Optional, +50 AGVC, + 20 OZI) Like Ozinex Facebook and AGVC Facebook page (Optional, 25 AGVC, + 20 OZI) Follow Ozinex Twitter and AGVC Twitter (Optional, 25 AGVC, + 20 OZI) …

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KryptEd (KED)

Sign up for the Nauticus exchange Complete the KYC Fill out this form You will be dropped with 2200 KED tokens