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Airdrop 1: 1800 VELT  Sign up for the website Verify your mail and log in (+500 VELT) Set up OTP (+150 VELT) Complete the KYC (+1000 VELT) Subscribe to the newsletter (+150 VELT)  Post your proof of participation to this Bitcointalk thread  Join Telegram group Airdrop 2: 25 ICX  Sign up for the website Verify your mail …

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Lykke (LKK)

This is a referral program  Sign up for the website, verify your email and login Complete the KYC Refer a friend (your friend has to complete KYC) and then fill out the form Both you and friend will get $8.88 in LKK tokens 💡 Like is listed on CoinMarketCap

CurveBlock (CBUK)

 Chat with the Telegram bot Type “hello” to start the airdrop bot  Follow them on Twitter Submit your ETH address You will be dropped with 50 CBUK For every referral you will get 25 CBUK KYC will be required before the airdrop distribution

CryptoSoul (SOUL)

Sign up for the website Verify your mail and login  Join Telegram group and Telegram channel Submit your Telegram name to your dashboard (+100 SOUL) Verify your identity (+750 SOUL) Download the CryptoSoul App game on Android and complete daily tasks by playing the game (up to 200 SOUL per day) To withdraw your SOUL tokens, click on ”Withdrawal” in your …

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IZIChain (IZI)

 Chat with this Telegram bot  Join Telegram group, if you have already joined type /claim in the group (+50 IZI) Submit your email and verify it Type /tasks to the Telegram bot to open more tasks  Like and share Facebook post (+10 IZI)  Like and retweet this tweet (+10 IZI) Type /balance to check your balance and see …

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Saiterm (SAIEX)

Go to the google airdrop form   Join Telegram group (2 stakes, mandatory)  Follow Facebook page (1 stake) Leave a positive review (2 stakes)  Follow them on Twitter (1 stake) Like and retweet any tweet (2 stakes)  Follow them on Instagram (1 stake) Like and comment any post on Instagram (2 stakes)  Subscribe to the YouTube …

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Fleta (FLETA)

 Go to the airdrop page and signup with your email than verify it  Join Telegram group and Telegram channel (Mandatory) Complete various social media tasks to earn the airdrop points Refer your friends to get more points KYC will be required after the bounty 💡 Total airdrop pool is $300k in FLETA tokens

VeChain by OceanEx (VET)

 Sign up for the exchange, verify your email and login Complete the KYC (click on “verification”) You will be dropped with 5,000 VET coins To get your referral link go to this page and click on “Make a Poster” For every referral you will get 2,500 KYC tokens (your friends also have to complete KYC) …

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Go to the airdrop page Scroll down and scan QR code with your mobile phone to open a link. You can use this QR scanner for Android Upon the registration you will get 30 UNX tokens If you complete KYC you will get additional 60 UCX tokens Login to your account and finish various tasks in …

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 Sign up for the website Verify your email and log in Click on ”Apply for KYC” in the orange text box on the top of the page and submit your details Go to your profile and submit your ETH address Tokens (60 ZPOP) will be available to withdraw after the end of the campaign and after …

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