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Asia Reserve Currency (ARCC)

 Chat with this Telegram bot  Join Telegram group Submit your email address and ETH address to the bot You will be dropped 250 ARCC tokens For every referral you will get 250 ARCC tokens Click on “Engagement bounty” from the bot and complete other tasks to earn more ARCC tokens

Verity (VTY)

 Sign up for the website and verify your email Log in to Metamask and change the Ethereum network from Main to Ropsten Network Go to this Faucet and click on “Request 1 ether from the faucet” You will receive 1 free Ropsten ETH after the transaction is confirmed Go to your Verity account and click on “Add your …

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Ferrum Network (FRM)

Go to the google airdrop page  Join Telegram group and post a message  Follow them on Twitter, like and retweet this tweet  Signup for the newsletter  Subscribe to the Reddit page Post a tweet about Ferrum Network for 5 days in a row. For this task submit airdrop form on the 5th day  Follow Kudi Exchange on Twitter Submit your details including the screenshots showing …

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Metadium (META)

Go to the google airdrop page Download the Keepin app and take a picture of you with the App on your phone Follow them on Instagram or Facebook or Twitter. Choose one of them Share the photo on Instagram or Facebook or Twitter and Tag 3 friends under your post (in comments) with hashtags: #Metadium #Keepin #OwnYourIdentity Fill out the airdrop form You will …

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 Sign up for the airdrop Complete various social media tasks You can earn up to 185 points For every referral you will get 100 points (up to 10 referrals) Airdrop distribution will be after the 31st March

BlocPal (BPX)

 Go to the airdrop page Submit your details and signup. Verify your mail and log in Complete various social media tasks Download the BlocPal App for Android or IOS Submit your BlocPal wallet address to the airdrop page You will get 1000 stakes for ever referral

Zoreum (ZRS)

 Go to the airdrop page Sign up with username, email and ETH wallet address  Join Telegram Channel  Join Telegram Group  Follow them on Twitter and like and retweet last tweet  Follow them on Facebook. Like, comment and share last post  Follow them on Instagram and like two last posts  Like and subscribe to the Youtube …

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Bela (BELA)

 Sign up for the website Verify your mail and login to your account (+15 BELA) Scroll down and click on ”Click here to verify your identity and earn free Bela” (in the right sidebar) Verify your phone number Post a photo +2 BELA, give someone a like + 3 BELA and set a new profile picture +1 …

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CryptoMillions (CPMS)

 Chat with this Telegram bot  Join Telegram channel  Follow them on Twitter, like and retweet one tweet  Create an account at LATOKEN and complete Tier-2 verification. Submit your details to the Telegram bot For every referral you will get 2 CPMS tokens (up to 20 referrals) For more info about the airdrop go to this page


Airdrop 1: 1800 VELT  Sign up for the website Verify your mail and log in (+500 VELT) Set up OTP (+150 VELT) Complete the KYC (+1000 VELT) Subscribe to the newsletter (+150 VELT)  Post your proof of participation to this Bitcointalk thread  Join Telegram group Airdrop 2: 25 ICX  Sign up for the website Verify your mail …

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