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Publish date: April 9, 2024

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How to get Cryptopia airdrop:

Cryptopia’s Power Reward System: Stake your claim on the airdrop

Cryptopia’s Power Reward System lets you earn more airdrop tokens! The more you participate, the bigger your share. Here’s how it works: play the game, complete missions, invite friends, and more to earn Power Points. The more Power Points you have, the more airdrop tokens you can claim. It’s a win-win for active players and the community.

About Cryptopia

Cryptopia offers a revolutionary gameplay experience as the first fully decentralized, on-chain game, eliminating the need for central game servers. Onboarding is streamlined with an integrated multisig wallet, a free-to-play-and-earn model, and a gasless solution on the SKALE chain.

Cryptopia is a unique game that combines strategy, simulation, and role-playing elements. Everything in the game, from resources to items, is secured on the blockchain as verifiable tokens. This ensures transparency and ownership for players. Cryptopia also features a novel play-to-earn model where players who invest and those who don’t can collaborate. Players can create and complete tasks for each other, fostering a thriving in-game economy. This innovative approach to game design creates a truly decentralized experience – a community-owned world shaped by user-generated content.

Unique selling points

💥 4X game on-chain.

💥 Free-to-play-and-earn: everyone can earn, no mandatory purchase of NFTs or tokens.

💥 Sustainable economy: player-to-player economy, strong relations between asset-owners and non-owners.

💥 Integrated multisig wallet into the game, so easy onboarding and uninterrupted gameplay.

💥 Fractional ownership: you can band together and collectively own assets.

Step-by-step guide on how to get Cryptopia Airdrop

Cryptopia empowers its community through the Power Reward System. Earn Power Points and boost your share of airdrop tokens! Here’s how:

  • Invite Friends: Share your referral code and get rewarded with Power Points, along with your friends.
  • Connect Frontier Ships: Add your multiplier to Frontier Ships for a bigger slice of the airdrop pie.
  • Complete Missions: Play the game and conquer missions to rack up Power Points.
  • Unlock Milestones: Progress through the game and unlock bonuses that increase your Power Points and airdrop rewards.
  • Increase Stake: The more Power Points you collect, the more airdrop tokens you can claim.

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Cryptopia - Project information:

Total supply: 25,000,000