Nash (NEX)

Nash is a cryptocurrency exchange and a crypto wallet. As it is noted on their website, there is no need to complete the KYC for registration. They have an iOS and Android app. Nash airdrop is a little different. You will get a commission for your referrals for the Nash exchange. Nash is non-custodial, so …

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Prometheus (PRO)

Prometheus is a blockchain project built on Ethereum. Their main goal is to contribute to the blockchain infrastructure. They have built an MVP in which users can transfer data from the database, excel sheets, or similar data storage to several blockchains like Ethereum, Stellar, Cardano, or even Bitcoin. The reverse process can also be done. …

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Basic Attention Token (BAT)

Basic Attention Token is a blockchain project built on Ethereum. BAT is an ERC20 token. They are trying to improve the efficiency of digital marketing. They have also created a Brave browser, which is built on an open-source chromium-browser. Companies can buy ad space in Brave browser with the BAT tokens. Users will earn BAT …

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Escrowblock (ESCB)

 Join Escroblock Telegram channel  Join AirdropsMob Telegram channel  Follow Escroblock on Twitter  Follow AirdropsMob on Twitter Submit the form below You will be dropped with 100 ESCB tokens (~$10) For every referral you will get 50 ESCB tokens (~$5) ⚠️ Airdrop is closed! Escrowblock will start with airdrop distribution soon.

Instant Sponsor (SPON)

⚡ Airdrop round 2 Go to the google airdrop form  Join [instant sponsor] Telegram group  Follow [instant sponsor] on Twitter and retweet this tweet  Join AirdropsMob Telegram group  Follow AirdropsMob on Twitter  Submit your details to the google airdrop form You will be dropped with 150 SPON tokens (~$15)