Nash (NEX)

Nash is non-custodial, so only you control your funds at all times. Hold and monitor over 3,000 assets – as simple as email, as secure as hardware.  Go to the registration page and sign up (no KYC required) You receive commission on the first six trading months of each of your referrals, independent of the …

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Prometheus (PRO)

Go to the airdrop page Join Telegram channel Follow them on Twitter Like Facebook page You will get 100 PRO tokens ($10) Subscribe to the YouTube (+30 PRO, optional) Fill out the airdrop form For every referral you will get 30 PRO tokens Total airdrop pool is 10,000,000 PRO tokens. Bounty is also available. Visit …

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SwissBorg (CHSB)

SwissBorg is airdropping up to €100 worth of BTC to new users. Download the Wealth App, complete Level 1 KYC and make a minimum deposit of €50 to get a scratch ticket that could be worth anywhere between €1 – €100. Also get one scratch ticket for each referral who downloads the app and completes …

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Escrowblock (ESCB)

 Join Escroblock Telegram channel  Join AirdropsMob Telegram channel  Follow Escroblock on Twitter  Follow AirdropsMob on Twitter Submit the form below You will be dropped with 100 ESCB tokens (~$10) For every referral you will get 50 ESCB tokens (~$5) ⚠️ Airdrop is closed! Escrowblock will start with airdrop distribution soon.

Instant Sponsor (SPON)

⚡ Airdrop round 2 Go to the google airdrop form  Join [instant sponsor] Telegram group  Follow [instant sponsor] on Twitter and retweet this tweet  Join AirdropsMob Telegram group  Follow AirdropsMob on Twitter  Submit your details to the google airdrop form You will be dropped with 150 SPON tokens (~$15)