July 10, 2023
How to Get Free Coins in 2023

How to Get Free Tokens in 2023?

Crypto has become so popular that it is no surprise that almost everyone has heard of it, and millions of users have decided to invest in at least one cryptocurrency. With thousands of coins and tokens available on the market, every crypto enthusiast can shape their investment plan as they like, choosing from countless opportunities the crypto industry offers.   

And while buying crypto can bring you some winnings when done right, earning free tokens never hurts. Thus, in this article, we will discuss the best ways to get free tokens in 2023.   

Get Free Tokens from Airdrops 

One of the best opportunities to earn crypto is looking for the most profitable crypto airdrops. But what is a crypto airdrop, anyway? 

Well, a crypto airdrop is a special event organized by new crypto projects as part of their strategies to raise awareness. The primary purpose of such airdrops is to give away free tokens to increase popularity and gather some users around your project. This can help newly launched projects to have some early investors, and this is a pretty important step when just getting started as a blockchain-based platform.  

Usually, crypto airdrops are organized during a fixed period, and in some cases, such events might allow a limited number of users to register, as the rewards are limited, too. If you want to participate in an airdrop, you can look for a crypto blog that constantly updates the airdrops available. Such platforms also tell you more about the steps you have to follow to be eligible for a reward, and most of the time, they will also talk about the rewards of each event.  

To participate in a crypto airdrop, you usually have to complete some steps. For instance, you may be required to follow the crypto project on various platforms, such as Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, or Medium.  

You may also have to retweet a pinned tweet, subscribe to the crypto project’s YouTube channel, enter your wallet address on the airdrops page, or fill in a form. In what concerns the wallet address you sometimes have to enter for a crypto airdrop, keep in mind that crypto projects usually require it in order to deliver the rewards afterward.  

After you complete the required steps and the airdrop ends, the crypto project usually has 2 ways of choosing its winners: randomly or by creating a leaderboard. If the project rewards users based on a leaderboard, each step you complete will represent a certain number of entries. For instance, following the project on Twitter might represent 1 entry, while retweeting a tweet can bring you 2 entries. If you are required to refer a friend, each user referred might give you several entries.  

The rewards offered during a crypto airdrop usually depend on the crypto project and its plan. While some airdrops reward users with the native token of the crypto project, others may include other more established coins or tokens, an NFT, or premium passes for the platform that organized the airdrop.  

And if you are also interested in NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens), remember that various crypto projects also organize NFT airdrops and giveaways. While the steps you have to follow may be similar, the rewards differ. If you participate in an NFT airdrop or giveaway, you will get 1 or more NFTs instead of free tokens.  

Receive Free Tokens as Tips 

It’s been some time since various platforms started supporting crypto tipping. For instance, Tipprbot, one of the most popular Bitcoin Cash tipping services, supports Twitter and Reddit. Thus, as a content creator, you can easily get crypto tips from those aiming to support your activity. And we are not talking about social media platforms only. Brave Browser, a free, open-source web browser, allows users to tip creators with crypto.  

Reddit was among the first platforms to introduce crypto tipping, and some users ended up with thousands of dollars from crypto tips. For example, a Reddit user randomly remembered when they used to receive Bitcoin tips, and when they checked their account, they found 19.5817 BTC worth approximately $300,000 when they talked about it on Reddit.  

Twitter also allows users to send and receive crypto tips. Users can add links to third-party payment services on their Twitter profiles. However, to start earning crypto tips on Twitter, you must first turn on the “Tips” feature on your profile. The feature is available on iOS and Android devices. 

Earn Free Tokens from Faucets 

Earning crypto through crypto faucets is another great option for those aiming to get free tokens simply and quickly. A crypto faucet requires users to perform various tasks to get free crypto. Usually, users are required to watch some ads, complete CAPTCHAs, view or click on ads, solve a puzzle, or play a specific game.  

While the rewards offered by crypto faucets may not be so significant, once you have a crypto reward, you can include it in your investment plan and do anything possible to have some profit from it.  

However, if you research the crypto faucets available, it is highly possible that you will find a platform that offers more significant rewards. Also, keep in mind that some faucets also offer rewards in Bitcoin.  

Learn to Earn Free Tokens 

What could be better than earning crypto while actually learning various facts about the crypto industry?  

Well, some platforms have developed such features. Earning crypto by learning comes with 2 main advantages: you earn crypto that you can trade afterward based on what you learned while earning that crypto. Usually, such guides start small, with lessons about the crypto basics, such as blockchain technology, the differences between crypto and fiat, or the risks implied by crypto. Then, you can choose to complete guides that talk about a specific cryptocurrency.  

At the moment, several platforms allow users to earn crypto by earning. Revolut is one of the best examples. The platform is available on mobile devices and enables users to earn DOT, 1INCH, AVAX, and ALGO (at the moment of writing). Coinbase also offers a feature where you can earn crypto while learning. To be eligible for the Coinbase learning rewards, you first have to verify your account and complete your first transaction.  

Final Thoughts 

With the crypto industry being so popular, many crypto enthusiasts try finding new ways to earn free crypto tokens. While buying crypto is still a widely used strategy, some projects also offer small amounts of crypto for completing various simple and quick requirements.  

Some of the best ways to earn free crypto tokens include participating in crypto airdrops or completing various tasks in crypto faucets. You can also find platforms that allow you to earn crypto while learning about the industry or start getting tipped with crypto.

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