June 10, 2019

Bulk Trader: The Cryptocurrency of Merchants

What Is Bulk Trader?

Bulk Trader is a blockchain-based online marketplace established in 2018, with the purpose of creating a global network of manufacturers, distributors and wholesalers that all retailers can access.

This business-to-business platform has taken notice of the rapid growth of the B2B ecommerce (which is worth more than $1 trillion as of 2016) and thus it aims to cater to the higher order values that will ensue in online sales.

The Bulk Trader platform enables merchants to purchase, ship and transact with potential partners in a marketplace that benefits from the security and transparency of blockchain. Their marketplace built exclusively for the local B2B industry will allow buyers and sellers to easily connect and trade their products.

Bulk Trader’s Goal

There is a deficiency of reliable e-commerce providers that transport goods locally, in bulk, and Bulk Trader wants to end this problem. Their marketplace was designed to help smaller stores and local vendors have access to bulk deals and grow their brand faster.

Buying local in bulk is more cost and time efficient and, as a result, the local economy will be positively influenced.

Boost in Local Economies

Bulk Trader will offer businesses the possibility to successfully operate in the local area by taking advantage of the platform’s hyperlocal business model and marketing dynamics. This allows both wholesalers and independent companies based out of town to contribute significantly to the local economy.

Blockchain Transparency

As Blockchain is an acknowledged technology that provides transparency between its transacting parties, Bulk Trader has decided to create a B2B Blockchain Marketplace in order to bring more reliability and transparency in this sector.

By employing a series of open and globally distributed ledgers, Bulk Trader offers its marketplace users the validation they require before trusting their assets and data to a third-party platform. This way, merchants are able to transact securely with all the customers, partners and suppliers.

Secure Supply Chain

By implementing blockchain technology, Bulk Trader will reduce the communication issues in the B2B e-commerce sector, as the data flow between the third- and fourth-party transactions will be simplified.

Blockchain will execute supplier payments and settlement processes in an instant, and will make the logistics much easier to track. All transactions are thus made faster, permissioned and can be easily audited by the parties involved.

The lasts of the B2B integration technologies will be incorporated, such as EDI, XML and API, in order to enhance visibility and transaction flow. No more paper and manual orders will be required, so people will be saving time and money.

Bulk Trader also combines blockchain based shipping with AML, FICA, and KYC compliances so that both buyer and seller can shop for the best bulk offers in a secure environment.

The Bulk Trader “Bulk” Token

The Bulk Token will have many functions on the platform, allowing owners to purchase products, advertise their business, vote for updates, or receive discounts or rewards.

Bulk Trader tokens can also be exchanged on trading platforms for other crypto, or they can be staked to increase their number. Every successful transaction made on the network will result in the minting of a percentage of the tokens and these rewards will be distributed among the Bulk Token holders.

Platform Features

  • Blockchain-based Technologies
  • Order Tracking
  • AI Integration
  • Focus on Safety, Privacy and Security
  • Customized Hyperlocal Bulk Buying and Selling Business Model
  • Creative and Innovative Digital Marketing Solutions
  • Specialized SEO and UX
  • Multi-local Shipping Integrations and Partners
  • Crypto & Credit Card Payments
  • Custom PWA Framework
  • Multi-language
  • Promotions and Massive Savings Discounts
  • Blockchain Product Review Integration
  • KYC, AML, and Legal Compliance

Bulk Trader aims to establish a secure and transparent B2B blockchain-based marketplace where all parties can benefit from purchasing products en masse.

Please keep in mind that the pre-ico is live until the end of July 2019!

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