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Ticker: BWB

Platform: OWN

Publish date: April 16, 2024

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How to get Bitget airdrop:

Bitget Wallet allocated 5% of its 1 billion BWB tokens for a community airdrop. Users will receive BWB points, which can be later exchanged for actual BWB tokens.

Earn BWB points on Bitget Wallet by holding crypto, swapping tokens, and referring friends. Each activity awards a different amount, letting you collect points daily.

Asia’s Leading Web3 Wallet and a Global Top Five Contender

Bitget Wallet is a leading Web3 trading platform with over 19 million users.  It lets you manage your crypto holdings, see market data, swap tokens, participate in launches, explore DApps, and trade across over 40 blockchains. They support hundreds of cryptocurrencies and connect you to top DEXs for the best liquidity.

Step-by-step guide on how to get Bitget $BWB airdrop

  1. Download the Bitget Wallet app for Android or iOS.
  2. It is very important that you use YOUR PHONE for this airdrop, as you will not receive points if you sign up using Desktop and Google Chrome.
  3. Create a new wallet or import an existing one.
  4. Navigate to the “BWB” airdrop button and click “Claim Airdrop.” Enter the invite code “Ki6PFU” if applicable.
  5. You’ll receive 50 $BWB points for creating a new wallet. Existing users and active traders may receive bonus points based on their activity.
  6. Make swaps or hold tokens within the wallet to accumulate more BWB points. You can earn 2 points for every 500 USDT equivalent in holdings (daily cap: 20 points) and 10 points for every 100 USDT equivalent in swaps (daily cap: 100 points).
  7. Invite friends to earn additional points.
  8. The $BWB points for the previous day are calculated daily by 22:00:00 (UTC+8) and distributed to your rewards account.
  9. The daily maximum for points earned through tasks is 1,000.
  10. BWB points will be converted to BWB tokens after the Token Generation Event (TGE).

You can use cheaper networks – such as ZkSink, Linea, Scroll, Base and also qualify for their airdrops that way. If for example you swap 0.2 ETH to USDC and back and you have already made more than $1000 in volume and earned 100 points for the day.

There are many more to come. Stay Tuned and don’t forget to check our big list of hottest crypto airdrops.

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Bitget $BWB Airdrop

Bitget - Project information:

Total supply: 50,000,000 BWB